2013 Shanghai International Wine Challenge Results Release

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2013 Shanghai International Wine Challenge has perfectly ended on June 7, 2013. This year we have elected 25 Golden wines, 91 Silver wines and 232 Bronze wines.

2013 Shanghai International Wine Challenge(SIWC) attracts nearly thousands of wine samples from 400 different wineries which has been tasted by 11 global outstanding professionals. It is remarkable that we have got 25 Goldens from 21 different countries not only including France, Italy, Australia and Spain, but also wines come from newly developing countries like American, South Africa, Lebanon and Russia etc. 

As the top three international wine challenge in Asia, SIWC is favoured by various wineries all over the world and be regarded as a great opportunity to break into China market. Referring to the previous competitions, the sales of SIWC winner  sharply increased. As for the Golden Winner, it had even been sold out. There is no doubt that SIWC is a global event in wine industry no matter  the scale or the profession. It attracts thousands of wines to participate every year.

At the end of the 2013 Shanghai International Wine Challenge, one of the judges, Ms. Mandy Wu, indicated that according to her experience of lots of other international wine challenges, she thinks SIWC has already at an advanced level in global in the whole process of tasting and function. It provide an great platform to select good wines for the wine market of China. Mr. Ronny Lau, the co-chairman of SIWC, also said that the type of wine is increasing and varying. We can see the optimization of venue, equipments, storage and logistics allow more wines to participate in this year¡ˉs challenge. Also established a solid foundation for the market to search more high qualified wines.

The preparation of this year¡ˉs challenge started in Oct. 2012. In order to balance the internationalism of SIWC with the trends of domestic market, The Committee tried their best at organization of judge panel and the set of rules. Therefore, we have invited world famous master of wine, sommelier and winemaker to join us from all over the world. Meanwhile, we also invited professionals with great experience as a judge in international blind tasting challenge from Chinese Mainland, Hongkong and Macao.

Vintners, who have participated in SIWC many times, indicated that as for them, SIWC is a great opportunities for them to communicate with the consumers. Winning SIWC will give a great promotion for the brand cognitive and awareness. SIWC is aimed to seek the real good wines for the consumers. For them, participate in SIWC means a lot.

At last, quote the words of Mr. Iain Riggs,chairman of SIWC 2013,Shanghai International Wine Challenge will get better, better and better!