Master of Wine Gathering in 2013 Shanghai International Wine Challenge

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Master of Wine Gathering in 2013 Shanghai International Wine Challenge
The 2013 Shanghai International Wine Challenge (SIWC) took place in Waigaoqiao International Exhibition & Trading Center of Wine & Beverage on June 3rd, 2013. 11 top authoritative judges from all over the world, which including master of wine, sommeliers, experienced winemakers or wine critics of international wine tasting, were gathering in SIWC. It is obvious to see that Shanghai International Wine Challenge is a professional world-class competition.


Among the 11 judges, we are glad to meet our old friends-----the Chairman of the Hunter Valley Wine Show, Mr. Iain Riggs and Mr. Ronny Lau who is the Chairman of the Greater China Wine Critics Association. They are invited to be the Co-Chairman of SIWC in 2013. In addition, they have been invited as the co-chairman of SIWC for 3 years in a row. Furthermore, we honored to invite Mr.Roberto Gatti, Ms.Cathy Van Zyl MW, Ms.Annette Scarfe MW, Mr. Bob Campbell MW, Mr. Norrel, Mr. Roderick Smith MW, Mr. Martin Hao, Mr. Andrea Bernardini and Ms. Mandy Wu to join our judge panel.
Mr. Iain Riggs, from Australian, is the immediate Chairman of the Hunter Valley Wine Show, and currently Chairman of Judges at the Macquarie Group Sydney Royal Wine Show as well as the President of the Australian Winemakers Forum. In 2001, Iain Riggs was nominated by Gourmet Traveler Wine Magazine as a finalist in the Winemaker of the Year feature. In 2003, Iain was awarded the Graham Gregory trophy for outstanding service to the NSW wine industry. At the Opening ceremony, Mr. Iain Riggs said: As a judge, we should be open, fair and impartial during the tasting. Meanwhile, devote to find high quality wine for the market of China.
Referring to the progress we have made this year, Mr. Ronny Lau pointed out: ¡SIWC have made great progress from various aspects this year. No matter for the segment of wine or the glass of blind tasting were all deliberated carefully by the judge panel. The primary goal for all the judges is to stick to the principle of open, fair and impartial in order to give each participants a fair chance in the competition.¡ Mr. Ronny is Chairman of the Greater China Wine Critics Association. He started his wine and spirits columns in 1980s. He is a wine-loving music critic and music-loving wine critic. He is now a free lance writer, with regular columns in 10 different magazines and newspaper in Hong Kong, mainland China and Malaysia including and . ¡The types of wine are increasing and various. We can see the optimization of venue, equipments, storage and logistics allow more wines to participate in this year¡s challenge.¡ Mr. Ronny Lau said.
Besides, SIWC committee also invite another established Australian Chinese judge ----- Ms. Mandy Wu. As the standing director of the International Sommelier Association and the first Asian lady to graduate from Sydney Wine Academy as an internationally qualified sommelier, Mandy Wu is a lady powered by her passion for spreading the deep and sophisticated culture of wine to the world. With the ability to distinguish and articulate even the most complex blends of aromas and flavours present in fine wines, she is able to name and describe in great detail all that she tastes, giving them an appraisal that is honest and accurate.
As the top three international wine challenge in Asia, Shanghai International Wine Challenge devote to create a professional wine challenge with high standard and quality. Therefore, the Committee make great efforts to invite the top judges all over the world to join us every year. We have the faith that Shanghai International Wine Challenge will absolutely bring more opportunities and influence for the development of wine market in China.