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Say goodbye to the milestones and compose a new movement

¡°Shanghai International Wine Challenge¡± (hereinafter referred to as: SIWC) hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Shanghai Pudong Sub-Council, Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Trading Operation center co., LTD., Shanghai international trade center of wine and beverages, Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Corp. had gone through ten years and opened a new second decade from 2016!

It was still in June, still the authority of the international masters, still impeccable international competition format, and still true to form exciting. Ingenious Master Class and earth-shattering Blind Tasting Competition pushed SIWC to another climax.

In 2015 SIWC, wine world leading authority, Australian wine first person - Mr. James Halliday served as honorary chairman. His presence was enough to prove SIWC had been recognized by the international people in the top in the industry, as well as a most splendid luster of the first decade of the SIWC. 2016 SIWC insisted to the "sustainable development" concept. In Tasting old and new world wine master (MW), master sommelier (MS), winemakers of Grand Crus, and top Chinese wine experts, lead wine lovers appreciate cabernet sauvignon all over the world which is both elegant and affable. Just as a university professor presented a vivid natural science course for ordinary students.

In 2016, SIWC and the joint-host--well-known gourmet website "Biography of Gourmet" ( held the first specialized "Chinese Wine Blind Tasting Talent Competition" with the world's highest level of judge specifications. After tense preliminary and intermediary heat 30 competitors came to in Pudong Kerry Hotel on June 4th. Under the strict examination of the international masters the first national champion was born! Blind tasting is a kind of hobby, a challenge to conquer yourself, the bridge connecting friendship, and also a platform for dominating the wine world.

The past decade was transient as a fleeting cloud, and the milestones we're just glory of yesterday. 2016 SIWC had started to compose a new movement. It would continue to serve the industry, to build an international communication platform in the integration of exhibition, trade and culture, and to add luster to the most valuable domestic wine culture brand.

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