SIWC own the strictest standard regarding to sample collection, sorting, site arrangement, on-site organization which is identical with IWC, every step is completely flawless and open to public. Refuse to focus on particular brands or regions. SIWC has become the most authoritative challenge in China.

Judges: Master of Wine + Chinese wine industry key opinion leaders

These are ultra-professional, internationally based wine industry, we have a combination of world renowned Master of Wine and Chinese Master of Wine candidate. The judging standard is strictly set to a world-class standard while have enough Chinese palate touch to it.

Competition: A world class competition

SIWC uses blind tasting to identify the quality of wines from smell, plate, color etc which is take price, brand, wineries out of the consideration. Through blind tasting to give a fair chance to all wine. With the principle of fair and profession, SIWC will be a best chance for agents, distributors, importers to test the wines.